Religion, Social Justice and Public Life.

Religion For Life is an exciting program that engages listeners in a subject few media hosts are able to discuss--religion.  Religion is too important a topic to be left alone and too controversial to be left to the zealots.   People do want to hear intelligent programs about religion as it relates to politics, sexuality, science and more.  Religion For Life is a half hour program that explores the intersection of religion, social justice, and public life from an educational point of view.  

I have had five years of radio broadcasting experience at stations in Boise and Seattle and 23 years of ministry experience.  I bring my professional radio and ministry experiences together to provide you the latest from important and influential religious scholars including Daniel Dennett (Breaking the Spell), Brene Brown (Daring Greatly), Harvey Cox (The Secular City), Candida Moss (The Myth of Persecution), John Shelby Spong (Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World), Barbara Kingsolver (Flight Behavior), Lawrence Krauss (A Universe From Nothing), and many more. 

Religion For Life is a fully produced 29 minute program that is free to stations.

Always interesting, informative, and cutting edge.  

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